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Free Estimates

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As a family business of Long Islanders that continue to raise babies here, we know a thing or two about what services are sorely needed to keep a working family home running at peak efficiency. We've applied all of those things (and much more) to our list of necessary residential services here at Grime Busters Nassau. We all realize that things can break down, get dirty, and all of a sudden stop running. But one call to us will get you back on track when things go temporarily awry for one reason or another. If you don't see a service listed that you may need desperately, don't panic, because chances are it might be listed within a totally different category. (Like Solar Panel Cleaning is listed under Power Washing). And here's something you can rely on: We take safety very seriously, never using dangerous chemicals that might put your precious family members and pets in harms way. And that goes for plants as well. So as one Long Islander to another, when things started getting dicey during the pandemic,

we continued to sanitize with only pure, clean water at 260-degrees instead of turning to harsh and dangerous chemicals. So who you gonna call when you're up against it for any reason?  We hope it's your Complete Services Team neighbors here at

● Drain Cleaning

Main line, Interior Traps and Waste Piping.

● Deck Renovations

Repairs, Staining, Sealing and Upgrades to New Composite style Trex or Timberland Maintenance-free Surfaces with addition of Custom Lighting for nighttime entertaining.

● Dryer Vent Cleaning

Washer/Dryer areas.

● Egress Windows

Installation of Egress Windows in Basement.

● Exterior Gutters

Cleaning both Inside and Outside with Downspouts. Both Homes and Garages.

● Handyman Services

No jobs too small. General Repairs and Installations.

● HVAC Cleaning

All Equipment, New Filters and All Flex Vents with Registers.

● Insurance Repairs / Emergencies

Severe Interior Home Damage caused by Floods and Leaking Plumbing.

● Maid Services

General cleaning of all interior home surfaces. Weekly and Monthly Rates are Available.


Exterior: Siding such as Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood Shakes, Trim, Doors, Windows and Shutters. Interior: Walls, Ceilings, Custom Trims.

Your Long Island Family has come to rely on our Long Island family.

Long Island's Complete Residential Services Leader.

We Clean, Paint, Stain, Repair, Assemble. Rebuild, Restore, Renovate, Rejuvenate and Refurbish, anything and everything as we have so successfully for big and small residential and commercial venues since 1993. We are fully capable, licensed, and insured.  Let us try and work within your budget to provide the services you require. We love what we do and it shows.



There's nothing better than a well disciplined team whose members are devoted to cleaning homes and offices. We have those cleaning teams. Let us know if you need them once or you need your team assigned on a regular basis. They're led by a foreman who is responsible for everyone's output and knows the home and office cleaning business. All teams are equipped with the latest equipment and planet friendly cleaning supplies, at prices you'll love. So now when you think about cleaning, and saving, Who you gonna call?

We have the pros who can offer you reliable assistance when you need someone to fill a Handyman slot. Whether it's for General Repair or a wide variety of Maintenance projects, Improvements, Outside lawn and Garden related care, or anything else you can think of. If you need someone at your home or place of business to repair, install, assemble, replace, redo, or service, we have that person at an affordable rate. So before you attempt it on your own, or go bonkers trying to find someone, think first about, Who you gonna call?

Whenever we get a job that requires we leave an area cleaner than it has been in a long time, we do it by using high quality products that perform their job thoroughly and with an eye toward the safety of people, pets, and plants. All the detergents, germ fighters and degreasers we employ are the same ones best known for being environmentally friendly, non toxic, and biodegradeable. We are a family business and your neighbors as well. So when you want someone planet friendly, who you goona call?



You're going to love our major advancements in this area. Yes, we clean most Hardwood, Vinyl, Tile and Ceramic Flooring and all Carpets, but how we clean carpets separates us from all the rest who offer this service. It's our new, state of the art RotoVac that gets the job done more efficiently on a scale that's beyond normal expectations. Six vacuum slots and six spray jets rotate at 250 rpm to produce 1500 multi cleaning passes per minute. So if you want carpet cleaning like you've never experienced before, who you gonna call?


We never came in contact with a window we didn't love cleaning. It can change everyone's mood for the better when clean windows allow you to see the world clearly in every direction. Our full time employees are fully equipped to clean everything glass, like Chandeliers, Atriums, Skylights, Glass Block Dividers, Mirrors, and all the parts that keep those things working, like Screens, Tracks, and Sills. So when you're fed up with your home or workplace windows looking dingy way too long, who you gonna call?

This is where we shine, literally. We've been doing it day in, day out, for almost three decades. So you might say we know our way around Power Washing. And it also goes without saying that our professionally trained staff operating the latest state of the art equipment are experienced in every type of Residential or Commercial application. So if you need to remove built up mold, mildew, and dirt from pretty much any surface, and you want to accomplish it in the most efficient and cost-effective way, who you gonna call?



Most homes and businesses never give a thought to how much algae and varieties of dirt and debris are accumulating in their gutters and downspouts until a meaningful rain arrives and the buildup won't let water flow through all the obstruction. We've been providing emergency and preventive solutions needed at fair and competitive rates for everything gutter related for the past 30 years. In fact, our state of the art guttering equipment and supplies can actually prevent future buildup. With this knowledge, who you gonna call?  


Only custom mixed finishes are utilized by our true professional painters to execute the game plan we have laid out and planned with you. We'll follow professional protocols for all work and cleanup, show you sufficient samples to convince you that we are true professional grade, and provide you with ample references upon request. Color Scheme adherence and constant foreman inspections assure you that every detail we promised is a detail fulfilled. With these kinds of customer assurances, who you gonna call?

We use our advanced pressure washing system to clean decks and patios so you can achieve that renewed look. Then after the application of a planet friendly mildew agent and degreaser does its magic, we'll finalize it all with our signature hot pressure wash. We do all the walking surfaces, sides and railings as well. Then we return all the planters and furniture that we had carefully removed and you're ready to begin enjoying your "new" surface. So now that we revealed our secret formula for success, who you gonna call?

A Partial List of Our Residential Services include:

● Patio & Driveway Pavers

.Installation, Maintenance Cleaning, New Sand

and Sealing.

● Post and Pre Cleanups

.Of Homes For Sale or Make Ready for Moving

in to a Home After a Sale.

● Power Washing

.Houses, Windows, Driveways, Patios, Pavers,

Solar Panels and Soft Cleaning of all Roof


● Rug & Floor Cleaning

.Buffing; Vinyl, Wood and Composite Types.

● Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing

.Killing of Bacteria and Pathogens on all Interior Sufaces, with special attention to Bathrooms and Kitchens. Personal Auto Interiors as well.

● Renovations

Bathrooms, Kitchens and Basements.



Keep your panels ultra clean to assure

optimum performance for all your applications.

Who You Gonna Call?

When you call us for any services advertised on this page, you might be happy to learn that we can also do a myriad of projects around your home or business that you might never have thought we offer.

A call to Grime Busters Nassau always puts you in the right hands for getting your project done to your satisfaction the very first time!  We love what we do and it shows.