We mean business for Contractors!


“Renovating ten Entenmann’s Bakery buildings on site in Bayshore (all built circa 1900), proved to be no easy task, but Complete Services and their talented crew managed to bring them home functionally and beautifully complete, and most importantly, within budget. As the Project Manager of each one, Al Scarpelli and his workers made oversight very enjoyable”. - B. Benson


“White Castle patrons in both Long Island Counties and Queens expect a consistent look to all locations, both inside and out. Schapper Engineering of California gave Al Scarpelli and his renovation experts the task of renovating a number of locations that were to retain the ‘White Castle’ look throughout.  They didn’t disappoint. As Project Manager overseeing the task, I have to say that they completed their task to everyone’s satisfaction at corporate and we are recommending them to others in need of those talents”.    - E. Papenfuhs


Al’s attention to detail is amazing. I hired his Complete Services outfit at Grime Busters Nassau to assist me in my capacity as Project Manager of U-Haul’s Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens properties for a prolonged period of 12 years. Over time, I discovered that when you called in Al and his crew for any kind of restoration or renovation in what easily amounted to hundreds of buildings, you could always count on him to strictly adhere to the agreed upon time frame and budget”. - G. Hammel


As a controlling partner at Triangle Properties, I oversaw the work completed for our subsidiary at United Rental Group, all performed by Al Scarpelli and his GrimeBusters/Complete Services staff who were called in to renovate numerous rental buildings for us in Farmingdale. I couldn’t be more satisfied with their work ethic and their price. A total win-win for us in both categories”. - R. Yafee


Multiple buildings in our food product warehousing unit needed renovating inside and out when we contracted Al Scarpelli and his Complete Services crew. What an amazing result. As Engineering Manager at Severoli Pasta, I never encountered an outside vendor who took such great pains to adhere to his agreed upon work performance and charges”. - J. Stancheck